How to make aluminium alloy doors and windows clean as new?


After more than ten years of popularization, Aluminum alloy windows are now used in almost all windows of urban families.

 Smooth surface, bright appearance, clean and convenient are the characteristics of aluminum alloy windows. Aluminum alloy windows can be wiped with soft cloth with clean water or neutral detergent, not with ordinary soap and detergent, not to mention with detergent powder, toilet detergent and other strong acid-base detergents.

Aluminum alloy windows in the use process, should be pushed and pulled gently, push and pull along its natural; 

find difficulties do not force, should first troubleshooting. Keep the door frame clean, especially the groove clean. Vacuum cleaner can be used to remove the dust deposited in the groove and door seals. 

Sealing strips and glass glue are the key to ensure the sealing, heat preservation and waterproof of of aluminium alloy windows. 

If it falls off, it should be repaired and replaced in time.

Clean reminder: Aluminum alloy windows not only play the role of increasing the brightness of the room, but also protect the safety of family members. 

In addition to regular cleaning, the joint of aluminium alloy window frame and wall should be checked regularly. If the frame is loosened over time, it will easily deform the whole frame and make the window unable to close and seal. 

Therefore, the screw at the joint should be tightened immediately, such as the screw foot loosening, and the epoxy glue should be used to adjust a small amount of cement to seal. In addition, tightening bolts, positioning shafts, wind braces and floor springs should be checked frequently, damaged parts should be replaced in time, vulnerable parts of aluminium alloy windows should be replaced, lubricating oil should be added regularly to keep clean and flexible.

Screen and window hardware can not be cleaned less

Windows are not only made up of window frames, but also include window glass, hardware and even screen windows. 

Therefore, when cleaning windows, these parts need to be clean and clean. When the windows with screens are cleaned, the screens of the windows should be removed first. Put the dismantled screen windows in the bathtub or next to the bathtub. 

Use soft water pipes or shower sprinklers to remove the cobweb, dust and other dirt on the top. Next, put some soapy water in a bucket, soak some soapy water with a short hair brush, then ring gently on the screen window to ensure that the window is covered with enough soap bubbles. Finally, wash the soap with a hose or sprinkler and wait for the air to dry.

Cleaning reminder: Hardware is also a very important part of windows. 

If the hardware is not clean and timely, it will lead to rust and other conditions, which will seriously affect the normal opening and closing of windows. 

Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to cleaning and maintenance in peacetime to keep the hardware clean and bright. Daily use of soft cloth to wipe away dust, for cleaning dead corners, you can use small brushes or toothpicks and other tools to clean.

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