Sealing strip:Small accessories should not be neglected!


When people choose doors and windows, they always pay special attention to the brand and quality of such large pieces as profiles, screens and windows, glass and so on. Few people have paid attention to the small and insignificant accessories of sealing strips. But in fact, this "insignificant" gadget plays a key role in doors and windows.

The most obvious is the shock-proof, which can reduce the collision sound when closing doors and windows, protect the edges of doors and windows, and prolong the service life of doors and windows.

Secondly, it is airproof, shock absorption and isolation of indoor and outdoor air, which effectively plays the role of heat preservation and energy saving, while preventing mosquitoes and other indoor drilling.

With the wide application of aluminium alloy doors and windows, people pay more and more attention to the sealing performance of doors and windows.

 As the most common and important sealing material, doors and windows sealing strips are used more and more. Although wool is small, it plays a great role.

 The gap between the poor sealing wool door and window frame and the wall is not close, and the effect of dust and mosquito prevention is greatly reduced. Its surface is not uniform, will lead to scratches and bruises on doors and windows;

 and the back glue is not strong, easy to fall off.

When choosing sealing top, we must choose standard products.

 Good sealing wool featuring polypropylene puffed villus, smooth and dense wool clusters, high resilience, 20,000 collisions, no deformation, strong sticking.

 Tops are made of environmentally friendly materials. After treatment, they are green and healthy. Tops with high density of 6 and super-dense are extremely soft, with low friction and no noise.

 Use American 3M moisturizing backing glue, strong stickiness, waterproof effect. Fine workmanship, the top and glue firmly together, free expansion and curling. 

Soft fluffy, no scratches in contact with the plane. 

At the same time, there are a variety of colors to choose from, beautiful and generous.

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