How to Improve the Sealing Performance of Architectural Doors and Windows


Improving sealing Sealing strips are mainly used for sealing between frames and fans.

The installation parts of strips are generally on doors and windows, around frames and fans or on sealing bridges (blocks).

 Sealing between frames and fans is enhanced.

 The specification of stripes is an important factor affecting the airtightness of push-pull doors and windows, as well as the door and window switches. 

The important factor of force. 

Hardware fittings, doors and windows rely on hardware fittings to complete the opening and closing functions.

 It is the most wearable and continuous part of building doors and windows. The effectiveness of its functions not only directly leads to safety problems,

 but also affects the thermal insulation performance, water tightness and air tightness of building doors and windows.


To optimize the cross-section structure of window and door frame profiles, in order to make the cross-section of the frame compact, 

according to the principle of heat flow length, under the same width of the heat insulation strip, the "bow" shape can be designed. 

As the length of heat flow increases, the thermal resistance R will be increased, and the K value will be further reduced. 

Although widening the heat insulation strip can effectively reduce K value, it can only be widened appropriately. 

If it is too large, it will result in a compact structure. Measures to improve the thermal resistance must also be sought.

 According to the principle of heat conduction, the surface of heat conduction can be designed as a superimposed multi-cavity to improve the thermal resistance.

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